„CZASOPIS” 7-8/2015

Jerzy Chmielewski. Od Redaktora. str. 4Cz7-8_2015
Tamara Bołdak-Janowska. Byǔ sabie mużyk.  str. 5
Janusz Korbel, Okiem urbanisty  str. 7
Minął miesiąc.  str. 9
Polityczne scenariusze. str. 15
Zarobić na wielokulturowości. Rozmowa z Dżanetą Bogdanowicz str. 17
Świnoroje, kiedyś Świnoryje, Janusz Korbel str. 19
Не для спалярні смецця ў Ляўкове!  str. 20
Гайнаўка. Культура на музейных сходах, , Міраслава Кастанчук str. 22
Валерый Петрыкевіч: Мой бацька сябраваў з Караткевічам  str. 24
Historia pewnej znajomości, Helena Głogowska str. 31

To jest też moja historia. Rozmowa z z Anetą Prymaka-Oniszk str. 36
Ewa Zwierzyńska, Dawne czasy były lepsze… str. 43
Ён моцна любіў родны край, Сяргей Чыгрын str. 47
Календарыюм. Ліпень-жнівень – гадоў таму. str. 56
■ Мястэчка Сухаволя.  str. 58
Leon Moenke. Tundra. str. 59
■ Spieszmy się ocalić dziedzictwo.  str. 62
■ Вяртаючыся да Сяргея Крыўца.  str. 65
Gomulicki na podglądach żubrów. str. 68
Успаміны з 1995 г., , Дзмітры Шатыловіч  str. 72
Фэст беларускай вышыванкі.  str. 77

Na okładce: Włodzimierz Naumiuk i jego rzeźby
Fot. Mirosława Łuksza

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  1. "Not to take away the credit for the creation of the blues, but both pieces were composed by Liverpool-born Henry Worrall, so remember this the next time someone starts gassing about how the whites stole the black mans music. Real life/history is infinitely surprising and unpredictable."I wouldn't mind the gassing about the white man's theft of black music quite so much if blacks would just quit singing "Amazing Grace".

  2. Steve September 27, 2012 Bernie, thanks for great training and your personal testimony. I loved the pillars of your strong message – God, Mom, Family, Love, and Communications. You are certainly in the top ranks of great comedians. Thanks for your service to the men and women of the Armed Forces. Take Care, God Bless you and all of your family. Thanks for coming to the Heartland of America!

  3. Pour le prix de Photoshop, je préfère investir dans un bon objectif!! Après s’il y a des solutions « pas chères » qui permette d’en faire un minimum, je suis preneuse.Je pense en effet qu’un article sur le post-traitement serait le bienvenu. En plus, je me rends compte que le « post-traitement » ça ne me parle pas 1ddcvraiment sur les améliorations qu’on obtient au final… Les possibilités que ça offre.

  4. Asma,Very glad you appreciated it. Now that I’ve graduated, I feel even more assured that going to Fuqua was the right choice for me. I know getting an MBA isn’t for everyone, but I’m certainly glad I did it and don’t have any regrets about taking time off to do it.Best of luck in the application process, it seems like you have plenty of enthusiasm, and, wherever you choose to go, that’ll go a long way to making it the best experience for you.Mike

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  7. I did the same thing. We announced the gender, but felt that if we announced the name of our babies, it would be up for discussion with anyone and everyone,and the last thing we wanted was to be swayed from our choice. I was very happy that we kept both our babies names a secret. I also though that something had to be a surprise with our kids. I’m so happy that you are keeping his name a surprise. I love how you went about picking it by thinking about how it would sound when announced to hundreds of fans. Miranda´s last [type] ..

  8. There are many autosomal sutdies in which Spaniards do not show more African admizture than other southern europeans. For example in the study of Behar et al. Spanairds do not have more SS African than other south-europeans. Anyways, Spaniards cluster with Western Europeans (French, North Italians,etc) while Southern Italians and Greeks are closer to Jews, Cypriots and Levantines

  9. dit :jules obiangNous sommes à la base sur la m^me longueur d’ondes : le devoir qui revient aux élites africaines de sensibiliser toutes les couches sociales des enjeux de ce type de problème.Quand au boulet que les pays de cette zone traîneraient , et à l’origine du frein à leur autodétermination,les vrais intellectuels et les citoyens de la société civile libre ne m’ paraissent pas concernés .Or c’est d’eux , et non des politiques , que doit partir l’élan.

  10. Il est bien beau votre blog, mais est-ce que vous n’avez que ça à faire? Votre journal, en particulier la version en ligne, grouille de fautes. A lire certains articles, on se demande si les « journalistes » qui sont censé(e)s les avoir écrits (si ce n’est copiés des dépêches d’AFP) ont été recrutés à la sortie de la maternelle. Et si vous faisiez le boulot pour lequel vous êtes payés au lieu de nous gratifier de vos points de langue sauce à la con?

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  12. El final… tears..No en verdad no xD, pero si te dejaba el pecho tomao.Ojala se haga otra temporada, es muy bueno el programa, las 2 temporadas estuvieron geniales, ustedes estuvieron geniales :DY mal por mi, porque se me olvido lo de las preguntas, porque en algún momento pensé en hacer alguna y al final se me olvido. Pero filo.Nada mas que decir, chicas sean felices, feliz navidad y año nuevo para las tres.Las seguiré en twitter como un stalker cualquiera. Saludos 😀

  13. Shonali, Thanks for the kind comments. That’s an interesting and important point. No matter that you think you represent or put in your bio for others to see, there is always a subtext of what your truly represent as a person. That is also at the core of a personal brand and may not always be appropriate for the bio space but what you hope others will take away from their relationship with you.Coming from you “clarity” is a great place for me to be.Thanks again my friend,Jon

  14. ms pt sugestii fetelor. da stiu ca are preturi f mici, am apucat asa cu el ani de zile si din comoditate nu l-am schimbat.cred ca voi urma sfatul lui naty :)adela, mie shiseido mi-a priit f bine la creme, sunt oauuu (si tin o groazaa) dar am avut ceva cosmetice si au fost mediocre. am dobandit aproape o adversitate pt cosmeticele lor, fara sa vreau nici nu ma mai aproprii de stand Rox

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  16. 小瓶子:妳前男友係基督徒,教會( 應該係指佢去開果個會堂 )叫佢同妳分手,除非妳入教,ä¿‚å’ª?咁,妳知唔知教會嘅「弟兄姊妹」用咩理由叫妳前男友和妳分手?用咩理據??當然「妳不是教友」是理由之一,但仲有無其他理據?因為只用「你女友唔係教友,分手啦」應該未必太有說服力,我就想知仲會用其他咩理據去說服他。係一個幾值得探討嘅話題喎。引伸開去,如果男方一方係教友,娶左或嫁左個「非教友」,咁其他教友會唔會用好多方法去「說服」人地離婚???

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  21. I know people who make every single payment with a credit card. They never carry cash. Even a 1 dollar candy bar at the gas station they put on a credit card. They have 9 different cards because they think they save money buy getting a “company credit card” like a Sears CC for example. They think CC are the only way to go and brag about their credit score being high. Meanwhile they are in debt for years. I would rather have money than a high credit score. I’m weird.

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  40. tracey · Hi Charmaine – I think sometimes at this end of the year it’s very easy to ‘get over’ things … especially when Christmas becomes a bit all-consuming. Making the homemade cards was certainly fun, but also made me realise how much effort goes into them. Perhaps I should start planning for Christmas around July each year?

  41. Yeah, not sure where she gets all that hate from lol. She has some of the BEST unreleased music and KILLER vocals on youtube i’ve ever heard. I think people forget the fact that is a CONSISTENT powerhouse: Brandy, Never Say Never, Full Moon, Afrodisiac, Human (okay maybe not this one)…and Two Eleven is gonna KILL!!!! Keep doin ur thing Bran!

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