„CZASOPIS” 5/2015

Cz05_2015_Strona_01Юрка Хмялеўскі. Ад Рэдактара. s. 3

Tamara Bołdak-Janowska. Biaru ciabie, Wiktar s. 4

Janusz Korbel. Jak daleko od sympatii do empatii s. 6

Minął miesiąc. W regionie s. 8

Strażnik pamięci – Ewa Zwierzyńska  s. 13

Święty Jerzy otwiera ziemię – Ewa Zwierzyńska  s. 14

Język prosty ocalić od zapomnienia s. 17

To nasz język regionalny. Rozmowa z Marzeną Kalinowską. s. 18

Рудня. Гісторыя кахання – Міра Лукша s. 20

Адстойваў родную мову – Сяргей Чыгрын. s. 23

Я не герой сваёй эпохі.  s. 25

■ Пудляшско-Полескі Сустрэчы в Традыцыі s. 27

Календарыюм.  s. 32

Калісь пісалі – Лена Глагоўская s. 35

Францішак Аляхновіч – сам аб сабе s. 36

Leon Monke – Tundra  s. 33

Komary na planie filmowym – Piotr Bajko s. 39

Успаміны з 1994 – Дзмітры Шатыловіч s. 42

Чаржынскі і Казань – Сяргей Чыгрын s. 45

■ Fotografia rodzi się wewnątrz fotografa. Fotografie Piotra Świderskiego – Ewa Zwierzyńska s. 48

Рэцензіі, прэзентацыі s. 52

■ Цудадзейнае шкельца s. 53

■ Плёткі старой цёткі

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  1. miodDio! :-ola grammatica e la punteggiatura dev’esser passata di moda…ma ie7 l’ ortocorrettore non ce l’ha?:-/btw, mi risulta difficile credere che qualcuno si possa trovare bene col sistema „finestre”…diciamocelo pure: chi asserisce ciò probabilmente non ha mai provato altro…personalmente il prossimo pc che mi porterò a casa sarà un MacMini… in bootcamp con linuccio e bye bye problemi di qualsiasi genere!ciao @all!

  2. I don’t work out at lunch (not enough time when I’m shoveling down a salad in front of the computer…boo) but this is super helpful for saving my hair from too many washings. I try to wash and blow dry every other day to save my hair a little. I’ve never thought of the bun – I’ll try it for tomorrow’s workout! I’m also a big fan of straight on the first day, then curling iron waves on the second to disguise the pony tail bump.

  3. Well lets see; Ya got Cops who, train twice a year with glocks. Qual.ONCE a year.AND.Holy Shit Batman THEY CAN'T HIT SHIT. But, they Can pull the trigger till every man/woman/child is down.This kind of panic shooting has become common with cops nation wide. Piss poor training caused by budget cuts,is leading to Fat ,Stupid , poorly trained cops with very poor skills and huge numbers of M-16s, glocks and shotguns.Its only gonna get worse.

  4. I have posted, ok?! @ SE: I believe Leroy is alive. Not sure though… Maybe an informed reader might be able to give us the answer. Yeah, Miley / Hannah are one and the same, I am not sure which persona the singer was in when we were watching her on New Year’s Eve though. Not sure if she knew which persona she was in herself. It must get confusing…@ Leon: Speaking of millions, unnu hear who win the Lime million dollars yet?

  5. Momentan hänge ich an einem ziemlich langweiligem Buch fest, umso schöner, dass du so viele schöne Lesestunden genießen konntest. “Zehn Minuten und ein ganzes Leben” klingt mit deinen Zeilen sehr interessant und spannend. Aber bevor mir andere Bücher ins Haus kommen, möchte ich mir die Tage nun endlich “Nachtzirkus” kaufen.Ich sende dir viele liebe Grüße,Tanja

  6. 245Oh yes … and in my Class 10 ICSE xam, I scored exactly 90 in four subjects out of six. In the crawled data which I mentioned in my last comment, in the entire data set for the entire country ( 60k students ) – no one has scored 81 or 82 or 84 or 85 in any subject – people have scored 83 and 86. I wonder what awesome hierarchial clustering formula is used behind the scenes to bunch up all the marks.

  7. Hi Miss Carmen,It’s me again… Kaitlyn… (from the Spivey Hall Children’s Choir) That was such a great post! I love reading all your posts actually. They’re so encouraging! I’m not sure if you were able to come to our Choir concert at Spivey Hall, but if you were, I hope you enjoyed it! I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet you, but maybe another time. Thanks for such a great post!Blessings,Kaitlyn

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  9. We are programmed to mask our emotions aren’t we? I was trained so well as a child that I’m 40 and only now learning to recognize the damn things! That baby’s facial expression is amazing. I don’t know if it looks angry or not but I’ll bet the sound that went with the look told a much louder tale! Someone else commented about being hypervigilant…I am extremely so. I can „feel” when people are angry or any other strong emotion. It’s good and yet sometimes it can be very ummm… unsettling.

  10. ManCityResident, yes, you are correct that the deck is stacked 4 volunteer votes against 2 career votes. The only way the career chief can get a policy approved is to hope one volunteer department will turn on the other. Now that the volunteer rescue squad has abandoned their support of the career chief and are standing with the volunteer fire company, we know how impossible it will be to split their votes on anything but really trivial issues.How exactly does this system breed teamwork and cooperation? I think it will only further strain the volunteer and career relations.

  11. pisze:Fajny post, faktycznie trochÄ™ oczywisty.Czyżby to byÅ‚y EP-630? Fajny dźwiÄ™k dawaÅ‚y, ale miaÅ‚y jednÄ… poważnÄ… wadÄ™ – coÅ› siÄ™ staÅ‚o przy wtyczce. OkazaÅ‚o siÄ™, że problem byÅ‚ fabryczny i Creative chÄ™tnie wymieniaÅ‚o, ale niestety, zdążyÅ‚em już rozebrać.Nowe sÅ‚uchawki majÄ… problem tego rodzaju, że dużo rzeczy już tam jest zrobione „na staÅ‚e”. Chociażby wspomniana wtyczka, która byÅ‚a w caÅ‚oÅ›ci zatopiona w plastiku, co skutecznie uniemożliwiÅ‚o bezinwazyjnÄ… wymianÄ™.

  12. Dear Ann,Shack should get the professional crow hoppers award, HaHa!!!And Shanghai Bobby the ” DAH WHERE DID THE ALL GO” award!!It was so funny when his ears pricked up and he started looking aroundWish they would pull Zagora, Chad Brown has done such a great job training her and she is so talented.Did not see Donna with Trailblazer, he tried to kick down his stall Friday night, too funny about those looks. Horses are soooo funny if you really pay attention to what they are saying!!!!

  13. Between this and Jupiter’s transit of my sun sign, it feels like i’ll be even more sick than usual about feeling stuck, but still stuck. Just when Saturn leaves my rising sign.. I feel everyone has a life but me. I’m on a shelf. I’m SO beyond sick of all this. Alas when you’ve been mired socially (no job) no matter how bright your spirit can be, you always end up..exactly in the same place. I guess no star in the world is going to change the situation around me, the ‘social problems’ that plague this location.what a waste of my life……

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  15. Im Sinne eines Konsens wäre die Mittelwertbildung doch eine hervorragende Möglichkeit: Wir + Polizei geteilt durch Zweil = offizielles Medienergebnis. Aber richtig – das wollen die ja nicht. Dennoch: Nicht an den Zahlen aufreiben – besser das nächste Mal bringt jeder noch zwei mit… Dann kann die Polizei vor der Landtagswahl nochmal auf Hunderttausend abrunden

  16. that you thought what I enumerated was leftist behavior, not Nazi behavior. I would argue that they are essentially one and the same. Or, in other words, Nazism was a phenomenon of the left, not the right as we are commonly taught today. I came to this conclusion because of the excellent book Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. If anyone has not read it, I highly suggest you and read it. It is highly interesting and convincingly argues and proves that Nazism and Fascism are of the left, not the right.I hope that answered your question, Afonso.

  17. You guys might have forgotten, but the Apartheid State rested on two pillars:1) Parliamentary sovereignity and2) Legality.There was no valid act without underlying law. How many times did the Courts not overturn acts of NP governments?This is the reason I sneered at the clods who kept asking for a replay of Menzi Simelane’s appointment (as if the outcome could ever be different) pretnding they did not understand the ramifications of S1(c) S2 and S195(1)(a) and (2) of the Constitution.The ANC is out-law government in the fullest sense of the word. Out of thick-skinned ignorance mostly, I hope.

  18. Hi, Tony.Your post was just what I needed. I just recently finished a 43-miler (I know, small compared to Leadville). And it was my first brush with a DNF. Nauseous, dizzy, no urge to eat or drink. Hands felt numb and cold – though weather was humid and in the 80s. I'm still trying to evaluate what went wrong, and reading your post made me feel that I can bounce back from my horrible race. I guess I also got bitten by hubris because I had finished a 100 km race a few months back. And this 43-miler kicked my a**! Thanks again!

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  20. Hi Kikay,Plan to get some new shoes for the summer. Saw some new stuff that came out from Mizuno yesterday at Mizuno MOA. I’m a neutral runner so after they took a look at my foot type with the foot analyzer thingy they recommended to me the Rider. I’m still on the fence but do you think the Riders are good? 🙂 Heard good reviews so far just need one last push to make me get them :))

  21. that the education system is the dumbing down of America for at least the last 15 years. i pulled my oldest out of the public schools in 1992 when I saw the so-called curriculum. She excelled in private. The fee was only $3500/year when the public schools were getting $7500/year.I think that this is a case for “choice” It is our tax dollars why can’t we decide where our children get educated? A competitive market would force “good” programs and the accountablity of money for them.

  22. “does it matter?” and then when you refused to acknowledge that you were wrong you called me a nit-picker.While uninterested in discussing term limits or anything substantive that would eliminate the need for a sitting president to campaign for reelection, you basically said that you want Republicans to campaign and not Democrats.Does that all sound accurate, Ted?

  23. Pour ceux qui ne voient pas le premier paragraphe, ce n’est pas lié à une photo trop grosse mais simplement à un navigateur qui ne respecte pas les standards du web (IE je suppose…). Avec un navigateur respectueux, on profite avec grand plaisir de la plume en verve de Monsieur Johannès. Un grand merci pour ces pages instructives tout en restant divertissantes et agréables à lire.

  24. if you have suggestions for issues to discuss with regards to WoW, I’m very open to hearing those ideas, so don’t hesitate to share.Secondly, the point of my post is that, whether it’s meant to be funny or neutral- advocacy or portrayal- is rather *beside* the point. The question is *why tell the story in this way*? Why *this* item and *this* particular legend attached to it with *this* particular outcome? That’s the point of my suggestion to consider absences rather than presences.Also, I’m curious, how much furore is there about this? I honestly stumbled onto this on my explorations on WoWhead.

  25. pepandai je….so ko nak salahkan makeup la…ha3…memang muka die nmpk tuwe if x makeup tebal pun…tgk la ms akad nikah pun…tp dah jodoh dorg…tahniah je la…moga kekal akhir hayat….hhmmm aku nak ckp gak…hhmmm….wife die mcm pakai gigi palsu je…n senyuman die yg menampakkan die tuwe..nasib bdn dapt muka mcm tu…syukur n redha je la…nasib ada muka n cukup sifat…hope anak dorg ikut muka jimmy….kui3

  26. Guys, don’t forget last point! Yes there may be exceptions for rules when a variable does not live longer than two lines and so on … But I totally agree with that last point: “… you don’t write that piece of code for yourself and for right now. …” Whether you code in a nice modern language or an obsolete old language like Basic. You should always keep that last rule in mind. Have the discipline to write clean code!

  27. Det som nästan stör mig mest är att onlinebutiker som Spelbutiken borde veta bättre. De jobbar ju med spel! De borde veta att tjejer spelar ”killspel” och att killar spelar ”tjejspel”. Jag skulle kunna ha större överseende om en butik som ”dessutom säljer spel, som typ… äsh Ã…hlens eller liknande” tabbar sig sÃ¥. Men en sajt. Som säljer spel. Enbart. Kom igen!

  28. dokdo-takeshima.com,Do you think that everybody will understand your answer as a reply to my question?My question is, if the Imperial Edict No. 41 meant two separate islands, why there is no „와” between „竹島” and „石島” in such an important announcement as the Edict No. 41.Please prove to us that your English comprehension is not as bad as your Korean. 🙂

  29. It’s still not Autumn here but I declared one in my Perfume Kingdom and today I’m wearing Parfum d’Empire Ambre Russe that I was craving for the last three month but felt it would be wrong to wear it – even though the Summer was cool.I look forward to wearing all my amber perfumes – I missed them. Next month I hope to visit a wine country two hours drive from where I live to get my share of red and golden leaves. Other than that, Fall is a beginning of my favorite time of the year – holidays season.Have a great Autumn, Sheila!

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  31. IME smart fraction Iranians are not as smart as smart-fraction Turks; smart-fraction Turks are comparable to Euro-Mediterraneans. But they are smarter than smart-fraction Arabs. Among the Arabs there seems to be an IQ gradient with the lowest IQs among the pure Arabs in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, increasing as you move north and west to the Arab-conquered nations.

  32. alexoudu30 dit :je voudrai savoir a un moment dans naruto shippuden il parlait de tablette en desous dun batimen des uchiwa je crois. combien y a til de tablete? la 1er est endesous du batimen d uchiwa? lequel lz ou il y avait la femme chat elle socuppe de plein de chat? il yavai une trape chez les parent de sasuke c qoi juste une cachette?Aime : 1

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  34. Ja, Quiche mit Spargel gibt’s bei uns morgen… 😉 Risotto klingt aber auch nach einer sehr guten Idee! Suppe, hm… ich hab’s noch nicht ausprobiert, aber ich wüsste nicht, warum du das Rezept nicht auch mit grünem Spargel machen können solltest. Der ist dann halt noch etwas schneller weich und “pürierbereit” als der weiße und das Schälen fällt weg. Ansonsten würd’ ich alles genauso machen. Wenn du’s ausprobiert hast, sag bescheid, wie es geschmeckt hat! 🙂

  35. வித்தகன் good for Srilanka Tamils that they dont have to live under fascists anymore. என்று நீங்கள் கோபத்தில் சொல்கிறீர்கள். இப்போது நடக்கும இராஜபட்ச ஆட்சி என்ன ஜனநாயக ஆட்சியா? புலிகளிடம் பாசிசத்தன்மை இல்லை என்று நான் சொல்லவில்லை ஆனால் அது எத்தகைய பாசிசம்? ஒரு பேரினவாதத்தை பாசிசத்தை எதிர்த்து வளர்ந்தது. அதிலிருந்து முற்றிலும் வேறுபட்டது. நீங்கள் இந்த பதிவை வாசிப்பது நலம்

  36. There are alot of people that are very close minded. They don’t seem to grasp the relm of possibility. Anything Is possible people! I have a feeling we will soon understand where we are really at in this world. We will see how our lives are tettering in the brink of collapse and i think these close minded individuals willnot be prepared for this and wont be able to cope. As far as the rest of us weknow where we are at but what are we going to do about it?It seems like not a thing. Oh God

  37. just eat right complex carb, protein, and good fat source such as flaxseed or salmon(also good protein source). dont extend ur workout 30-60 min is already good enough. having your workout too long is over training ur muscle. when u work out switch it up every week as well as increasing the weight(pyramid) so u can gain muscle but remember nutrition is the most important when it comes to muscle building and then a legit workout.. stay away from sugary food(ice cream, doughnuts)

  38. 176God is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. He is, however, the “grand-daddy” of all Conservatives. Leftists will literally HOWL at that statement. I can hear it now. There’s going to be a lot more howling some day when the Leftists discover the truth, only to find they are “Left” out in the cold, er, the hot, the very very hot…1cb42029

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  43. – I don’t know if there is such a thing as a ‘perfect’ toddler portrait, especially with high energy ones…I feel the same way about Violet right now, she sneers and roars and makes all kinds of faces at the camera, nothing ‘pretty’ or ‘girly’ like I imagined, but I’m snapping away anyway because that’s who she is right now, and who cares what any other snobby studio-and-preppy-clothes-only photographers think

  44. Det er viktig Ã¥ puste imellom slagene og ikke ha sÃ¥ store forventninger til alt. Vet du – det er ofte vi selv som setter alle disse skyhøye forventningene til oss selv…Det er sommer og kanskje sola skinner hos deg – nyt den Ã¥ la den lade batteriene dine.Jeg ønsker deg en fin uke ;-)Klæm Vibeke

  45. This reminded me of the quote on a notecard above my stove. I look at it every day when I cook: “Christ has no body now on earth but yours,/ no hands but yours, / no feet but yours, / yours are the eyes through which to look out / Christ's compassion to the world. / Yours are the feet with which he is to go about / doing good; / Yours are the hands with which he is to bless [people] now" (Teresa of Avila). I need to reminded of that every day.And don't you love Kelley's words? I keep thinking about how we are complicit in creating a poverty class. I love insightful people.

  46. , but that he’s kind of a shitty human being. Ragging on your employees in public (to the media, in this case), no matter if what you are saying is true or not, is a shitty thing to do. In fact, even if you don’t take the inherently unequal distribution of power in employee/employer relationships into consideration, merely going behind someone’s back to bad mouth them is a shitty thing to do no matter what your relationship is. Fred Wilpon’s not a rapist, he’s not a murderer and he’s (probably) not a thieving conman, but he’s also not a very good person.

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  48. Nom,I am all for high-speed rail on a regional and national basis. Heck, a good mag-lev train moving at 300 mph makes NY to Miami or NY to Chicago, or even NY to Dallas a reasonable alternative to air travel.I just want the projects to be well planned and within budget. One problem we have with our project budgets is that we underprice them at the start because we know that the real cost would never fly.

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  53. Great piece, Daniel. Agreed. Karzai thinks like a Muslim. Obama tries to think like a Muslim, but instead thinks like a UC Santa Cruz grad from 1982…Columbia, etc. Israelis continue to believe in American good will, because most Israelis in the 'establishment' can not and will not embrace a true notion of Jewish sovereignty, in part because of the runny-nose hostility towards 'authentic' Judaism.And so the world goes round, and round and…

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