„CZASOPIS” 11/2015

Фота на вокладцы – Міхася Сцепанюка (Polskie Radio Białystok)

Jerzy Chmielewski, Od Redaktora
Tamara Bołdak-Janowska. Adzin dzień z majaho życcia. 2. Męczy mnie wczorajsza myśl: w USA będą powielać… str. 4
Minął miesiąc. W regionie. 27 września w sali kameralnej Opery i Filharmonii Podlaskiej w Białymstoku odbyła… str. 7
Калі людзі забываюць, пачынаюць гаварыць камяні. 2 кастрычніка ў Мастаўлянах (гм. Гарадо… str. 14
Konstanty Kalinowski (Kastuś Kalinoŭski) w świadomości Białorusinów w Polsce 1. Postać Konstant… str. 17
Ludzie tu o nim pamiętają. „Muzyka Jana Tarasiewicza jest taka duchowa, dlatego zdecydowaliśmy się ją zagrać… str. 22
Беларускамоўная філуменія. Тыя, чыё маленства прайшло ў 1940-х—1970-х гадах, добра памятаюць той ча… str. 25
Календарыюм. Лістапад – гадоў таму. 390 – 13.11.1625 г. памёр Саламон Рысіньскі (нар. каля 1560 г. у Рысіне… str. 31
Karty bieżeńców. Tematyka bieżeństwa 1915 roku do Rosji stopniowo jest coraz lepiej… str. 32
Leon Monke. Tundra. 10. Z czym wrócę? Co czynić? Jeżeli wrócę, to będzie bezowocnie stracony jeden dzień… str. 34
Гумарыстычныя вершы Уладзіслава Паўлюкоўскага. Cёлета ў траўні споўнілася 120 гадоў з дня… str. 36
Nowe portrety Eugeniusza Briańskiego. W styczniu 2014 r. – trzy lata po ukazaniu się artykułu o Eugeniuszu Bria… str. 38
Borus – patriarcha białowieskich żubrów. Syberia… Żubry, tak jak i ludzie, mają swoje charaktery, przy … str. 39
Makieta pałacu gotowa. Roman Malinowski z Narewki (powiat hajnowski) najpierw robił z zapałek makiety pię… str. 42
Васіль Петручук. Крышынкі. 72. Прароцкая дарога. У Елянцы, дзе я служыў парабкам у гады нямецкай… str. 43
Успаміны з 1997 г. 1. Польшчa. У першай палове 1997 г. прэм’ер-міністрам урада Польшчы быў Уладзім… str. 44
Рэцензіі, прэзентацыі. Wielkie Miasto. Książka Kąckiego zmusza nas do konfrontacji z własnym sumien… str. 47
Гумар. Генетычнае страшыдла. Калісь фірма Калген, якая вырасціла памідоры Флаўр Саўр, зрабіла такую… str. 53
Валянціна Мядзведзь. Расстанне. Там пад чаромухай зялёнай / Ля быстрай рэчкі, ля вады, / Там з Міхалінай… str. 54

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  1. ho frainteso il tuo intervento, ma mi sembra chiaro che travaglio non crede minimamente a scie chimiche e signoraggio, infatti nell’intervista la frase successiva a quella riportata da paolo è „Ci sono proprio dei mitomani che si dedicano sempre, notte e giorno, a questi temi e attribuiscono al giornalista un ruolo completamente diverso da quello che dovrebbe avere.”La sua posizione mi sembra chiara e credo coincida con la tua.

  2. Interesting insight, but surely investors need more than a static (albeit detailed) portfolio report – most want to know ‘how am i doing in relation to my lifestyle goals and plans’ (whether they articulate that or not)A portfolio valuation is like looking at a photograph of your golf clubs – it shows the tools but doesnt tell you the progress you are making towards reducing your handicap.Just my opinion.

  3. disse:Parabéns filhão só post pioneiro, continue assim e poste mais do traficante gay porque esse promete, sensacional como já dizia o velho e saudoso Emilio surita, o próprio deverá dar muitas risadas do comediante, ele e Cezar porvilho o reporter ação devem fazer o público dar muitas gargalhadas, agora é só aguardar e quem não viu vai vê, é isso que tenho pra comentar. Congratulations!

  4. Bence de olabilir, o radarın nasıl kalibre edildiğine bağlı. Burada en şiddetli yer orası diye oraya yakın olur diye düşünmüştüm ama aynı daha büyük siklonlardaki gibi hortumlarda da ortada bir yer çengel şeklinde boş oluyormuş ve daha kuvvetli ekolar çevrede oluyormuş. Berat, fotoğrafın radar görüntüsüyle aynı saatte çekildiğine emin misin? Fotoğrafın kaynağı neresi?

  5. I so appreciate your compassion and you willingness to get the word out that there are many in need and so many avenues in which to help from prayer to monetary donation.That picture is of the town I grew up in Long Beach, in the west end. My family members who still live there are unhurt our family homes were devastated much like the picture.They along with all the others touched by this storm appreciate your efforts and your prayers.

  6. It would seem (although I could be wrong ofcourse) that a criano sacral emphasis could complement the re-balancing that occurs in upper cervical care after corrections of the c1. I can feel? that they’re all related and my progress has been slowed because of my bent tailbone and twisted mis aligned sacrum and lowered pelvic floor muscles etc.

  7. that use has to be genuine and with a commercial purpose – doesn´t matter if succesful or not – AND that it is up to the Courts to decide case by case when use is genuine, but geography is only one in many elements in deciding this. To even consider that use in one specific country by definition would suffice, OR that use limited to one specific country would lead to no genuine use, is obscure.

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  10. J’ai été très surpris d’entendre Patrick Montel dire tout à l’heure à l’antenne (01/08/2012 vers 00h45) que jamais un Français n’avait fait aussi bien que Estanguet avec ses fabuleuses 3 médailles d’or olympiques !Et aucun sportif ou journaliste autour de lui n’a relevé l’erreur.Tout le monde a donc déjà oublié Marie-José Pérec ?Ou alors elle n’est plus française et on me l’a caché ?

  11. Hi there Pete — I can totally see Pudsey walking in with a fat stogie, saying: ‚Thing is Rexy, them people they don’t like them magics no more. I got me a role on CSI as a sniffer dog. We’re over.” But apart from that, I’ve still got the Mystic Marvel limited edition fat grill and exercise bike decoder ring. You telling me that thing ain’t gonna be a collectors item now? Neat story St.

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  14. News are just to entertain you!Because you never know when the informationis true or false. I saw a lady reading a magazineand on itit said that America now doesnt have no borderwith Mexico, I laughed at it but she turned and said it’s true andthat she read it on the internet too.We are people who get fooled by most newsbut yet there are important information too..So I cant really judge it!

  15. Do you actually do not know the difference between an organism like a baby and a group of cells like a cheek scraping, and if your Highschool Biology teacher gave you a passing grade, I suggest suing her for malpractice. Of course, everyone “actually” knows the difference. What we have here is the phenomena I describe: a perfectly smart person saying something unbearably stupid, a perfectly decent person saying something absurdly wicked and vile. This is an example of the dogma of a political or cultural “cult” overriding the findings of science.

  16. non mais!!! C’est comme pour le gâteau .je ne vais quand même pas laisser courir des bruits sans intervenir . La lampe Berger,c’est pas mal du tout:ça fonctionne par catalyse,et ca diffuse une odeur très legère à partir d’alcool qui se consume lentement. L’inconvenient , c’est qu’en consumant ça consomme pas mal ! pas tant qu’une Cadillac ,mais tout de même! A bon entendeur salut.

  17. Holy cow! I honestly did not think he would win either. This is truly significant for Mitt to win this strawpoll given that he has not done as well in the southern polls as Huck and Palin, and also that he didn’t speak at this event.Although you can’t diminish from the efforts and effect that Evangelicals for Mitt had upon this straw poll (I am sure they provided enough to push him of the edge), I still believe that Mitt would have had a strong showing without them, being that he won this thing!

  18. This is why he won. … This is why he won. Now if it could be used to express something more substantial than the campaigning that goes on after the campaign. But that’s not fun and doesn’t look cool. He’s very connected while showing the disconnect going about 200+ years strong. The common sense issues of equality and poverty are the least common things dealt with. Now I don’t wanna go off into a rant here. So I will say it does get better, but snails mock the pace it goes at. One love, Whoop Whoop!

  19. Good question, Lauren. I’m using it to ask what is an obligation or requirement of clergy. So if someone does not have faith in Christ, they may not be a UMC clergy. What about the rest? Should someone at least show evidence of striving toward all of these? If someone hasn’t fasted in 20 years, what do we do with that? What with the person who acknowledges they haven’t had faith in 20 years?

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  21. Los Angelenos, like all Americans are dumb.They are too stupid to see that the live under Collectivism.Officialdom is the realm in which they live, run by and for the Political Class.American-style Collectivism isn’t like the old-style Soviet Communism. No.Corporatism is the name of American Collectivism.However, the true enemy is every street-level Los Angelenos, every street-level American who sells his soul, willingly, for a few crumbs of Political Class largesse, a bribe, typically in the form of welfare or a government related job.

  22. I once had the pleasure of driving a Spitfire (BRG, of course) in its first year of life. Not quite a virgin, but quite young and limber. In summertime. Top down. Barefoot. Through Eden Park and Mt. Adams, for those familiar with Cincinnati. Forty years on, the memory is still fresh. ::sigh::I wonder whatever became of her. The car, too.M

  23. In fact,I had never celebrated the thanksgivig holiday even not konwing it date.However,because I go to college alone,I have particular feelings at this thanksgiving holiday.For example,I realized my parents’ concren for me.Therefore,first,I am thankful for my parents.Because of them,I can go to college without financial problems.Second,I am thankful for all people who love me.With your blessing and encouragement,I hoped I could lead better and better and learned to be independent.

  24. Mariana comentou em 6 de julho de 2012 às 18:59. Que legal esse texto, parabéns pra quem escreveu e pra equipe do site que publicou! É importante lembrar que a sua beleza não precisa passar necessariamente pela “fôrma” que as revistas e blogs de moda colocam como o “in”, o desejável, o lindo. Prezem sua individualidade, meninas! Sempre!

  25. 1e8Sou mais uma novata nessa blogosfera com apenas 4 meses de blog.Tento ao maximo ler posts como o seu para tentar me direcionar no caminho correto. Se no nosso dia a dia ja nos deparamos com pessoas falsas, sinicas e oportunistas pq na blogosfera seria diferente?Vc certamente me ajudou bastante com esse post e parabens!Sao pessoas como vc, que realmente escrevem o que publicam que me inspiram.

  26. DJ Sarin, dekonstrukt Dungeon Master (maybe I should change it to DM Sarin)I’m often surprised by what you’re into. Just when I think I have you pegged you pull something out on your „now playing” that makes me go „since when does he like that?!” Although being on the playlist doesn’t necessarily mean you like it, I suppose.Just ’cause I was just reminded of this a few minutes ago, check out the newer material, if you haven’t. Oh and the latest is interesting, if a bit techno influenced, but still uniquely Ellard. I especially like the videos these days.

  27. E os seus funcionários escrevem bem português, como se vê! Grande profissionalismo! A única coisa que os distingue de um verdadeiro português é o seu sentimento (consequentemente repetido) de indignado patriotismo! Por isso, amigos funcionários, não vale a pena rebater os posts críticos da Rússia e gastar dinheiro em marketing político: mais vale melhorar as coisas na realidade.

  28. gorąco polecam Wyspy Kanaryjskie!!! łączą wszystko co najlepsze w Hiszpanii z wyspiarskim cudnie kameralnym klimatem. Można rozpłynąć się nad smakowitymi rybami, tradycyjnymi suszonymi szynkami w połączeniu z soczystymi, do tego stopnia iż niemożliwym jest ich kulturalne zjedzenie, owocami i miodowym rumem ale również dla spragnionych ekstremalnie-kulinarnych wrażeń: na Lanzarote można spróbować potraw z grilla powstałego na wulkanie:> doznania kulinarne w połączeniu z pięknymi widokami ukoją duszę i uszczęśliwią dogłębnie:>

  29. Oh, I so agree with you on this point! But I getting so frustrated tring to help educate people to the truth. When I knew I had finally swallowed the red pill it made me sick at the level of ignorance I had achieved. I just read a friend’s FB post about what a great team Romney/ Ryan is. I really want to scream and pull my hair out. But I knows they just haven’t gone down that rabbit hole. I just pray they do.

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  40. Brilliant and thought provoking, as always, Daniel.I think depravity is assumed when a child is protected by a stable family structure, but Obama derives his authenticity by claiming a difficult childhood; consciously structuring his biography to reflect the appropriate amount of victimhood in order to rule. He’s been hiding an unseemly and embarrassing normalcy, which is a sin to the left.

  41. Luis: You raise a good question. I think the right way to think about it is, how does the size of the sink vary with the departure of the CO2 concentration *from the pre-industrial condition* – the pre-industrial one being where we would expect zero net sink since, presumably, things were pretty much in equilibrium then.I added an extra graph to the end of the post that shows this relationship. You can see that it's very close to linear, and to the extent there is any curvature, the sink is tending to be stronger at higher departures from pre-industrial (though I doubt that curvature is statistically robust).

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  43. Hofer,The Int was on the first or second play of the possession, and I already stated it was a bad play. As for the ensuing Ravens possession, it started around their own 40, but it took Culliver getting burned for the Ravens to score which I also already acknowledged.Without Kaepernick the game isn’t close in the first place for those plays at the end to matter

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  45. Arpaio should check his brake lines?! This flippant statement says it all. Was this a reference to Brietbart. Not funny at all regardless. There all afraid and playing dumb and ignorant. This is the commentator that Orielly uses to speak on current events and Obama on a weekly basis. Watch Miller never have this guy back on his show and not followup now that he has unquestionably been educated on this issue, like he hadn't heard of Arpaios investigation before. Hey Miller. Grow a pair.

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  52. You, lucky man! Congrats two times champion! ;DReally glad to see you super happy and satisfied with today’s jumping..Was definetely your day, no doubts. And this couldn’t be better news before new season, for sure.. Just one more week and everything will start again.. I already count the days till Lillehammer. Believe me or not but i have a good feeling that this season is gonna be really exciting for you.GOOD LUCK and don’t forget to be winner tomorrow as well.

  53. até podemos observar as coisas com esses óculos : um homem inserido numa soc. feminina não significa que seja uma mulher , continua com a sua falta de pensamento concreto .. assim temos temos que , ao contrário da mulher mesmo , ensinada a gerir orçamentos estabelecendo prioridades ( comida primeiro ,refeições a horas para os filhos , coisas e conforto da casa depois , maquilhagem por último -:)) , o homem gasta em brincadeiras , nomeadamente, estádios , rotundas , estradas e magalhães e variadísimos equipamentos muitooo modernos e giros quase sem utilidade prática e de dispendiosa manutenção.

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  55. Jim I think you’re right in the sense of how these relate to their object. Realizing God is trustworthy precedes any sincere turning away from unreliable idols. So from the stand point of intentionality I’m with you. On the other hand, “turning to” and “turning away from” are more or less like concave and convex.But, if I seemed too dogmatic, please know my passion is aimed at the way the conversation is being narrowed, not that there are differing opinions on the matter within the Reformed heritage.

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  59. John, Christine, Patrick,Let’s lighten up a little. John – no one cares about semantics. Real HR pros only care about what a person does (actions – not about skin, orientation, etc). My gay friends just want equal treatment, nothing special, without disadvantages. Part of equal treatment is being the center of some humor (See Tim’s post on Diversity becoming a lot whiter). Tim means no disrespect and we could all use some laughter.

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  69. LOL…..Brmmmmm has to be my fave!1.Participating in Challenges helps because their criteria mentions the title/ theme for the week!2. I steal from Indian movies titles & phrases from songs :)3. Children's fairytales/ rhymes are a good source.4. Sometimes the manufacturer's collection has a name that is apt. Like I named a LO "Leaps & Bounds" after Websters Pages pps.

  70. Ya, I’d have to say I’m the same. I’m a chatty introvert too. I’ll talk up a storm once I know the person and feel comfortable in my surroundings but often I’ll just be very quiet. I also like the peacefulness of an empty (except for me) house. I’m enjoying my afternoons when both Rhys and Ammie are at school and trying to soak all of the quiet in before baby #3 gets here. At least, with this unplanned spacing in our children’s ages, I can still have a quiet house during naptime.

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  99. Morgan, With tears in my eyes I read this. I am so proud of you, so honored to have you in my life, my son. I have witnessed you grow, your lust for life……. and I love you. I remember the picture you posted…. and all you speak of…..keep living life to the fullest my dear……and may we learn from you and you from us. With love, forever and always, Mom