„CZASOPIS” 12/2015

На вокладцы: Дуэт Наві падчас „Бардаўскай восені – 2015” у Бельскім Доме культуры. Фота – budzma.org

На вокладцы: Дуэт Наві падчас „Бардаўскай восені – 2015” у Бельскім Доме культуры. Фота – budzma.org

Юрка Хмялеўскі. Ад Рэдактара.
■ Tamara Bołdak-Janowska. Luli, luli.
1. Zakłębiły mi się w głowie kołysanki, śpiewane przez matkę. Luli, luli, ǔsie dz…
■ Minął miesiąc.
W regionie. 26 października w Centrum Kultury Prawosławnej w Białymstoku została zainaugurowa…
■ Znamienna nominacja i larum nacjonalistów.
Pod koniec października Instytut Pamięci Narodowej ogło…
Reportaż „Wciąż ich widzę” (skrypt w jęz. polskim) Radio Racja zaprasza na reportaż Walentyny…
■ Рэпартаж „Я іх бачу” (скрыпт на беларускай мове). Радыё Рацыя запрашае на рэпартаж. (крокі па снезе). Анонс: І да сіх пор мне запометалась…
■ Dorota Sulżyk.
Ruczniki. – A u mnie gdzieś jeszcze jest ręcznik podobny do tego… – I ja miałam kiedyś ręczniki po…
■ Каляндар 2016
■ Барды ў лістападзе.
Упершыню толькі ў лістападзе прайшоў ХХІІ Фестываль беларускай аўтарск…
■ Календарыюм.
Сьнежань – гадоў таму. 420 – у 1595 г. казацкае паўстаньне С. Налівайкі ахапіла беларускія…
 Ze wspomnień o Ferdynandzie Ruszczycu. Znałem dwóch Ruszczyców – w jednej osobie. Pierw…
■ Leon Moenke.
Tundra. 11. – Tam jest fińska wieś – rzekł, wskazując ręką na wschód – ona będzie… Uderzył się rę…
■ На радзіме Ігната Дварчаніна.
Даўно не быў у вёсцы Погіры на Дзятлаўшчыне – радзіме вядомага…
■ Uliczna miłość Kseńki.
Najpierw na prośbę pani Joanny Troc dla jej teatru napisałam duży monodram o św. Kseni…
■ Ksienia Andrej Fiadorycz Piatroǔ.
– Piśmo! Adczyniajcia dźwiery! – Chto? Chto tam? – Pania pałkoǔnikawa Ksien…
■ Święta Ksenia po prostu.
Gdy pod koniec 2013 roku powstawał Teatr Czrevo, wiedziałem że Asia Troc stwo…
■ Вершы па-свойму.
Barbara Goralczuk. Perszy śnieh. Liśt’je oblitieło zuowsiem, / Derwa poczornieły ostali, / Z…

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  1. Se eu jogasse nesse FM jogaria com a mesma defesa aí apontada.No meio-campo com Javi a não descer para o meio dos centrais em posse , com alas que desciam Nolito e Salvio, para ajudar à construção, witsel à frente de Javi dando sempre uma das linhas de passe centrais, sendo a segunda linha a responsabilidade do jogador que jogasse à frente do Witsel, Saviola na primeira parte e Martins ou Aimar na segunda.Na frente jogaria o Rodrigo de início, deixando o cardozo para entrar aos 60 minutos.Obviamente que estamos a falar do FM

  2. Sergio, Matías (me posiciono al lado de ustedes) y amables desconocidos: es hartero y ortera artarse de escribir hartículos con hurticaria. Y eso, que sí, carajo. Justificar la burricie del guiso por la temperatura de la cocina es tan patético como los tenedores tridentes o los pantalones sobaqueros. Es justo y necesario vociferarlo, aunque me temo que el fenómeno ha ido a peor en estos veinte años, y seguirá por ese camino hasta dejar a los adalides del verbo virguero en el planeta Snow. Winter is coming…

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  4. Consider the immense processing power of facial recognition present in humans. This is not nurture, it’s nature. Now, isn’t it just possible that the infant stage of that capability is the ability to discern faces at all? It is way more likely people are born with this ability than they acquire it. Think about it. The problem with AI researchers is the massive, perpetual group-think that buoys their endeavors. Think about that too.

  5. Jesùs, je suis un peu déçu. Je m’étais fait à l’idée…Olihoud écrit que démultiplier est exact contraire de multiplier d’après Larousse. Bigre !Je pensais que l’exact contraire était « diviser ». Mais alors dans ce cas, « diviser » serait-il synonyme de « démultiplier », ce qui expliquerait que la démultiplication des petits pains au chocolat soit facteur de division.

  6. I am in the midst of a 125-Day Gratitude Journey. I typically blog about my journey to THRIVE with fibromyalgia. Thank you so much for your post! It is the SHIFT which changes us. We have to know what it is to shift and how to do it but once we learn those things it is simply a matter of putting them to practice which I acknowledge is not necessarily simple at times. This post is a beautiful example of how to make the transition from grousing to gratitude. I am having a higher-than-normal pain day but it is also because I live a more-active-than-most THRIVING with fibromyaliga life. It’s all good!

  7. anche per citare una ricerca “si dovrebbero portare anche dei dati per sostenere le proprie tesi” e non stralcetti presi su pagine web, che ognuno può piegare come vuole. Il lavoro scientifico è ben più serio e cauto che queste grossolane strumentalizzazioni.Quindi per contestare i riassuntini rivisti e corretti dei vari bloggisti basta e avanza quanto ho detto.

  8. Ahh, that’s excellent to hear. Glad someone else thought of it like I did too…can sometimes never be too careful. I’ve sold some items from REI sales on eBay and Amazon before but I always was clear that it was marked and where it was from so that there were no questions. Glad that it was just a slip up with not being completely washed off! Certainly good service by the seller too.

  9. I would hope that philanthropists come to a point where they stop thinking risk v. transparency and instead recognize the 'risk' inherent in lack of transparency. Transparency should be understood by foundations as an opportunity to share the thinking (or lack thereof) around their individual investments/theories of change/metrics/ and to create learning for both funders and non-profits working in similar spaces.

  10. Oh, Peg-o… you must understand… this is a cultural expectation. My son knows he will be expected to write his thank-you notes. Every child writes his or her own. The problem is when will he do them? He goes to camp for the entire month of July. I know they won’t get written there. So I guess that leaves August… when we had planned to take a family vacation.He WOULD love to have a personalized font (of his own handwriting) so he can type his thank you notes. That is something he might try. But he probably knows the answer.

  11. / Yeah Roy. I’m right there with you. While it is unpleasant it also redirects my motivations. If I realize that my fear is actually hate it is a lot easier to deal with. Fear is an unknown, often times I don’t know what I fear, I just know there is something out there which haunts me. When I start thinking of my motivation as being hate based I can easily direct that over to the cross and let the love of Christ rebuild me, whereas fear just gets lost in the shuffle and I’m never able to confess it. Thanks for reading and thanks for the feedback!

  12. mannaggia oh.e io che mi diverto così tanto a makkokkiare. hehehe. beh, almeno l’onore del neologismo…cmq: dove c’è gusto non c’è perdenza.mi ricorda un mio amico ex calciatore che non è più possibile guardarci una partita in tv assieme. son tutte pippe, son tutti brocchi, son tutti spacconcelli, non sanno fare un cross UNO.porello. anche a scende le scale si deve appoggià alla ringhiera. non cià più i menischi.

  13. I haven’t got all the details, but this seems a bit over the top.Six people were killed. One of them was a federal judge. “Roll, a Pennsylvania native, received death threats in 2009 over a $32 million civil-rights suit filed against an Arizona rancher by illegal immigrants”(Was he the main target?If so, then anti-Semitism had nothing to do with it. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  14. Joo, oikeastaan kaikki näkemäni/kuulemani arviot ko. kirjasta (paitsi tuo Hesarin arvio) ovat sanoneet samaa. Onneksi paljon voi mennä sen piikkiin, että kyseessä on Hustvedtin ensimmäisiä kirjoja, on vain suomennettu vasta hiljattain. Toivoa siis on, että uudet kirjat ovat tätä parempia, niin kuin Kaikki mitä rakastin ja Amerikkalainen elegia olivat.

  15. From Hell is an okay movie, but I was expecting more from the Hughes brothers. Anyway, movies I’ve seen recently which I’ve liked:Karmen Gei: a re-imagining of Carmen in Senegal.Pirate Radio: really great film about the impact of pirate radio on the BBC and British radio back in the ’60s. All three of the Stieg Larsson novels that were adapted to the screen. Really don’t like the whole suspense-thriller genre-don’t watch Bond films, hated the one Bourne movie I watched-but I really like these for some reason.

  16. Phooey indeed! I’m all for people starting to knit for the first time, but couldn’t someone have given her a lesson in how to HOLD the project first?Hmmm…Here’s a theory! Maybe she dropped it right before the picture was taken and now she’s trying to untangle it…that heartless photographer didn’t wait long enough for her to prove that she really does know what she’s doing. Poor thing…maybe next photo shoot.Ha ha!!

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  19. Well, here’s some old figures, which have only gone up:Got any spare change?“In 1976, over 60% of the large donors to the Democratic Party were Jewish. Over 60% of the monies raised by Nixon in 1972 was from Jewish contributors. Over 75% of the monies raised in Humphrey’s 1968 campaign was from Jewish contributors. Over 90% of the monies raised by Scoop Jackson in the Democratic primaries was from Jewish contributors. “Hamilton Jordan, Confidential File, Box 34, File “Foreign
Policy/Domestic Politics, HJ Memo, 6/77,” Atlanta , Carter Library, declassified June 12, 1990.Free Jonathan Pollard!

  20. PLEASE don´t do medications Cassandra! If you want to talk to somebody who has done everything since age 13 and has learned something from it, here I am for you. I tell you this cause FOR THE FIRST TIME I am going acne free and can´t even believe it, and yes, finALLY, I can say, acne is diet-related. Medication won´t let your organism heal and detox: acne medication is a lie… coming from my long experience (I-m 33 now!) I´ve struggled So much!! Don´t freak out, keep going.

  21. LÃ¥ter som om du sitter och samlar pÃ¥ dig en massa träningsinspiration medan du väntar ut förkylningen – klokt. Och man blir ju sÃ¥ taggad när man inte tränar.Lopp är ju ganska krävande med uppladdning och allt omkring, sÃ¥ bra att du tar det lugnt ett tag för att sen ladda upp inför det stora mÃ¥let.

  22. What a coincidence, Angie…I was just popping over to comment, and let you know about the award, when you already beat me to it.You have no idea what wonderful memories the Hamantaschen cookies you made…btw…so perfect, and gorgeous!To be perfectly honest, I've never made them, since my grandmother made them years ago, have not even tasted one that was nearly as good as hers.Love the poppyseed filling, and am cherishing the recipe, to make these, for sure!Thanks for sharing, my sweet friend!

  23. Tara – I’ve been reading Scoutie Girl for quite awhile now and just started reading this one as well. You always make me stop and think and for that I thank you. I’ve been spending this week trying to brainstorm ways to make my blog better and drive more traffic to it. I think I may have to read through your archives here and digest everything you have to say!

  24. I’m waiting to see if I’m going to get Nutella overload in the midst of the World Nutella Day celebrations, but it hasn’t happened yet. Red is definitely the color of love and chocolate is the flavor of romance, so I can’t wait to make these amore cheesecakes for Valentine’s!

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  29. “F” bombs. Common people. If you can’t be civil around children, there is not much hope your child will be civil to others and even you. Take care what you say and do. Little pictures have big ears. A saying my mother used when my father’s language got a bit too colourful. That now off my chest, thanks HS for bringing the good oldies back once in a while. After all, we still listen to Beethoven and Mozart, to name but a few classics. Pop on people.Caio prunesquallorHot debate. What do you think? 8  7

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  48. When the Obama admin dropped tainted Freeman as a nominee, FP published a Protocols-like article blaming … the Jews. It was then I stopped reading FP.Why, then, did the NYT reproduce FP's argument on the NYT front page a few days later? (The NYT article had not even the decency to mention the letter to Obama by 88 prominent Chinese dissidents, opposing Freeman's nomination.)

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  51. The children in foster care really need to feel safe and cared for. We foster special needs kids and it is not easy but definitely good for the heart. Please continue to help fund programs that help these children so that the families who foster can continue to do the wonderful work they do. Create programs for those who are aging out of the system who are able to live on their own to be prepared to live on their own and not just thrust into society without the tools to survive.

  52. . I am unemployed (victim of the economy and my state going to a managed care system for services for the developmentally disabled….a microcosm of Obamacare…and the service field I worked in on the administrative end) and have no insurance. I do not want to get into one of the state exchanges for insurance. I would much rather get a full time job with benefits……although chances of that are looking slim to none…and slim left town. Where will this country be in 4 years? God only knows.

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  54. This week looks awesome! Can’t wait to hit these wods!!! Only two weeks left in the open people. The energy in the gym has been palpable the past few weeks. I love seeing people train with a competitive gleam in their eyes — even the ones who started this saying “I don’t like to compete.” Ha. Keep up the great work and keep surprising yourself (and others for that matter)!

  55. Quel est le sens du préfixe pro- dans provigne ?Pro-, susceptible de devenir, de donner lieu à ? C’est ce qu’intuitivement je penserais. Mais je doute, sachant qu’en arboriculture un bourgeon proventif est un bourgeon préexistant, caché sous l’écorce : pour les auteurs TLFi, pro- marquerait ici cet état d’antériorité, indépendamment du fait qu’un bourgeon proventif soit susceptible de se développer, de donner lieu à une pousse.

  56. I love the way you put this! I could not agree with you more! Everyone in my hubbs family are SAHMs BUT my mom always taught me the importance of work and I was given the best childhood ever because she scarificed working all day everyday. I give you props for the things you do! I can't imagine how hard it is but I do know that I want to be just like ya when I'm given that choice!

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